Where and when did you get married?

10.04.16 At Hidden Grove Noosa- right near the beach. www.noosaweddings.org/locations/

What made you choose your location and was it everything you expected?Noosa Wedding

My husband and I both love the beach and wanted an outdoor ceremony. It was perfect. Beautiful spot and weather. We had a decorator put up a canopy and an isle way so I still felt special arriving.

All our guests commented on how lovely it was and looked amazing in photos.

When you think back to your wedding day, what’s the one thing that you loved the most (apart from marrying your hubby!)?

We kept things casual which meant it was fun! Both my hubby and I are laid back people and wanted our special day to be the least formal as possible while still feeling like a wedding.

We had fun with the photos and the groomsmen even had a little wrestling match on the beach during our bridal party shots.Your wedding day was wonderful, but if there was one thing/detail you could change about it, what would it be?

Having more time to see my hubby- just us. We went straight from the ceremony to photos and then to the reception where we had to mingle and see everyone.

We didn’t really have a moment just us to sit down together and relax and share a private moment. I would have loved time to do this.


What was the best advice you received whilst planning that helped you?

To do as much planning as possible so on the day I didn’t have to stress at all. Everything was taken care of and I could just enjoy it and go with the flow.

Please share your top 3 tips for future brides to make the most of the planning and the experience of their big day?

  1. Don’t stress about not being able to see everyone during the day. I had a small wedding and still felt like I didn’t have time to go around to each individual. At the end of the day it’s your wedding and people will understand if you are busy.
  1. When picking your dress think about comfort too. I didn’t care if it was hard to sit or eat while wearing it until the reception! I just wanted to look beautiful I didn’t consider this.
  1. Make sure you take time to relax and enjoy the day. I know everyone says this but it really goes so quickly you don’t want to blink and miss it all


Hidden Grove Ceremony

Amazing wedding photos taken by rebeccaskilling.com.au/