How to survive a Sunshine Coast Bridal Expo?

Planning your wedding can be stressful, and there are many suppliers you will need to source! So best way to meet a heap at one time is to go to one of the Sunshine Coast’s many wedding expos. However they can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming with so many vendors to visit, all vying for your attention and business, how do you choose?

Remember, you don’t have to book all your services in one day at a bridal show, but it is a good place to gather information and see which professionals work with others or who they recommend. The wedding industry is based on word of mouth from other professionals so good people tend to recommend good people!

You are likely to be given a gift bag to take information home packed with pamphlets, business cards or brochures – so get prepared to carry the load (a good reason to take the hubby to be!!)

So before you embark on the expo’s let’s get you prepared! Here are a few quick tips for navigating a wedding show like a pro.


1. Do Your Homework & Make a list!

Most wedding expo’s have a list of vendors on their websites. Check it out!! Highlight the ones you like most, make a list and make a point of talking to them at the show. It can be easy to miss a booth, and if you don’t make note of who you want to see, you could miss out on the perfect cake designer or celebrant!

2. Bring a buddy!

Whether it’s your fiancé, maid of honor, or mum or in fact them all – you’ll definitely want to bring someone along for moral support! It’s great to share ideas and also someone to carry the bags!

3.Stay Hydrated!

Wedding expo’s are often held in large venues or convention centers with not much air circulation, so throw a reusable water bottled filled with cold water in your bag so you don’t get dehydrated. Or just pick the expo’s that throw in a free drink!!!

4.Ask questions – lots of them!

As wedding professionals, we are all used to many questions about products and services so don’t be too shy if you are interested. A couple of questions you may want to ask suppliers are:

– How long they’ve been in business
– How many weddings they take on in a year
– Pricing packages and if they partner with any other service providers (manyhairstylistsand makeup artists work together and can usually even suggest a photographer)
– Contact information
– Previous reviews
– Do they have all the necessary certification they need

For example, you might ask a wedding planner if she charges for a consultation, or a photographer if his package includes an engagement shot.

5.Take notes and get in contact!

You will meet lots and lots of suppliers, you’re unlikely to remember them all! So take a little note pad(like a train spotter!) and write down the ones you got that ‘YES’ feeling when you walked away – trust me you will know!!

You might not hire any of the florists or photographers that you see at the show, but you’ll at least get an idea of the overall style you like, and that will help you choose vendors later on. Take photos of cakes, decorations and other ideas that inspire you – they help to restart the memory later on too!

Then make contact!!! Remember vendors will meet a lot of people and make many bookings from the expo, so snooze and you might loose!!! Any good supplier will contact you straight away if you have given out your contact details but there is nothing wrong with getting the ball rolling if you’re super keen!

6.Enjoy every second!

Remember you only get married once! So enjoy the fun and the experience of wedding expo’s and make the most of it!

Here are some great options here on the coast:


Have a little look at this video from Sweet Hope Photography for more tips on how to make the most of the Expo!