“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.”

-Maggie Reyes


In Australia you are lucky enough to be able to have your wedding ceremony anywhere you want whether it be the beach, rain forest, and your own house or even on the back of a jet ski the choice is yours!

Your wedding Celebrant is probably of the most visible service provider on your big day, certainly the first one your guest get see!  They set the tone, feel and the fun factor of your ceremony and into how the rest of the day will go!

Yet sometimes couples tend to overlook the role of a Celebrant when making their choice. Sometimes it’s a decision made based on price alone or because someone told them to pick a certain Celebrant which can be risky! Everyone is different and the connection you have with your celebrant is paramount.

We all know the goal of your wedding ceremony is to end up married. The way you achieve that goal is your decision. The length, type, mood and content of your marriage ceremony is largely determined by the value you place on the marriage ceremony.

What you will always remember from your ceremony is how you felt, so don’t forget to take that in to account when planning how it will all look! How your ceremony feels is highly dictated by what you celebrant says and does.

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