Montville Celebrant speaks too………..Kate & Thanh’s re their Country Wedding

  • Where and when did you get married??

Montville Country Cabins, Montville September 2016

  • What made you choose your location and was it everything you expected??

We wanted to have the wedding in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands. Having spent many weekends away there and love the area very much.

Only looked at two venues but once we saw the grounds and cabins at Montville Country Cabins we looked no further. The gardens and lake are very beautiful and maintained so they look lovely but not too formal.

  • When you think back to your wedding day, what’s the one thing that you loved the most (apart from marrying your hubby!!)?? –

The day really was somewhat of a blur because there is so much going on. I very much enjoyed getting ready with my bridesmaids and brideman. Having a great laugh and they were all very calm and casual. There was a lovely half an hour when I sat with my sister in my cabin, just the two of us.

When we were all dressed up and ready to go and we sat quietly and talked while we waited for the ceremony to start. My sister is the person who knows me best so it was lovely to be just with her before I undertook the most significant change in my life so far.

  • Your wedding day was wonderful, but if there was one thing/detail you could change about it, what would it be??? –

I didn’t get many photos with our guests. Our photographer snapped a lot of great shots of the guests after the ceremony while he had a little interlude before we headed off for the bridal part photography but I didn’t get many shots with the guests.

  • What was the best advice you received whilst planning that helped you?

Be as organised as possible. I am an organiser by nature and love a good spreadsheet. I got myself one big old spreadsheet and put everything I could think of on there. This helped me stay focused and helped me keep a proper timeline of what needed to be actioned when. It also helped with budgeting.

  • Please share your top 3 tips for future brides to make the most of the planning and the experience of their big day?
  1. Be decisive in your planning. Get your venue and date locked in as soon as possible because that will make it much easier to plan everything else. If you find something you like, go with it. Planning even a simple wedding can be very time consuming and if you feel you are running out of time that will just make you feel stressed and will decrease your enjoyment.
  2. Don’t aim more perfection, aim for what you like and what makes you happy. People will keep telling you “you can have what you want, it is your day” and this is true to an extent. Even on the day itself there will be a lot to do and you won’t remember a lot of it. What you will remember is having your friends and family with you and having fun, not what colour the napkins were. Your guests won’t remember the napkins or place settings either so try not to let yourself get too stressed about these things in the planning stages.
  3. As boring as it sounds, do try and stick to your budget. It is important to set a realistic budget in the beginning and then try to stay true to it. $100 or $200 here and then can very quickly add up to $1000’s.
  4. Decide what you are happy to spend your money and what it maybe doesn’t matter so much about (possibly the napkins which no one will remember).

 Thank you so much for sharing with your Montville Celebrant 🙂