• Where and when did you get married?

Obi Obi Hall on the 20th of June 2015 


Katie & Corey 1

  • What made you choose your location and was it everything you expected?

Corey and I wanted an outdoor wedding and we love all things old, Obi Obi hall is over 100 years old and has so much character. Plus the rolling green hills surrounding the venue were stunning. As soon as we first laid eyes on the venue we knew it was the place we would get married. 

Katie & Corey 2

  • When you think back to your wedding day, what’s the one thing that you loved the most (apart from marrying your hubby!!)?

Our ceremony was the best part of our wedding. Prior to our wedding I was the most nervous about the ceremony and being in front of a crowd and was almost wanting to skip the ceremony and go straight to the reception. However once I walked down the aisle and was standing in front of Corey that all went away it was my favourite part. 

Katie & Corey 3

  • Your wedding day was wonderful, but if there was one thing/detail you could change about it, what would it be?

I could relive this day over and over again it was so perfect however the only thing I would change would be our DJ. Unfortunately our DJ wasn’t to good and seemed disinterested in the whole night. If I could recommend anything when meeting with your DJ would be to ensure the person you met with is the DJ on the day as some companies have more than 1 DJ. We met what we thought was our DJ (who was awesome!) to plan our reception but on the day another DJ turned up. 

Katie & Corey 4

  • What was the best advice you received whilst planning that helped you?

Don’t let the stress of planning a wedding get to you. Enjoy the process and the excitement of planning your big day because you will only do it once. 

We were lucky enough to hire our venue for 4 days so I could stop and smell the roses and really take in the how amazing this time in our life was.

Katie & Corey 5

  • Please share your top 3 tips for future brides to make the most of the planning and the experience of their big day?

1.  Don’t be unrealistic with your budget, we thought we could plan a wedding for 10k but we soon found out that was very hard with what we wanted.

2. Enjoy the process because once it’s over with you will miss it.

3. Leave for your honeymoon the following day or as soon as you can. We were lucky enough to travel to England and Italy for our honeymoon and left the night after our wedding. It was such a nice feeling to wake up on your first morning as husband and wife to know that you were setting off on your next adventure that afternoon. The excitement was still there and almost felt like our wedding was more than a day long. It also meant we also slept really well on the plane!

If I can add a 4th point… Get a great celebrant, someone that you can connect with.

Thank you so much for sharing