• Where and when did you get married?

Currimundi Lake Side – 25/07/2015

  • What made you choose your location and was it everything you expected?

We chose that spot as we had our first kiss on the pedestrian bridge near the beach. When we first met, Bryce would come to the Currimundi Pub a lot when I was a trivia host there and we’d flirt. We also lived nearby for a long time and I would often take our daughter for walks in her pram by that very spot. It was always so peaceful and tranquil looking and the area held a lot of meaning and history for us.

  • When you think back to your wedding day, what’s the one thing that you loved the most (apart from marrying your hubby!!)?

I loved how it just all came together. After months and months of tireless planning and stressing, the fact that everything just slotted in place with no major hiccups was perfect.

  • Your wedding day was wonderful, but if there was one thing/detail you could change about it, what would it be?

I’d probably change the bridesmaids dress style. I should have just have given them a colour and asked them to chose a style to suit them. Even though I tried to accommodate everyone’s body shape and size into the style I chose, I don’t think it was right for all, in the end.

  • What was the best advice you received whilst planning that helped you?

Don’t be afraid to pepper the suppliers with questions and negotiate on the prices. You’re (probably) not the biggest Bridezilla they’ve dealt with, so don’t hold back when it comes to confirming, and reconfirming the finer details.

  • Please share your top 3 tips for future brides to make the most of the planning and the experience of their big day?

  • Call in favours to keep the cost down. We shamelessly asked friends for their help and were pleasantly surprised by their willingness to do so. Whether it’s a friend who does graphic design for the invites, a budding photographer for the photos, a friend from uni with a cool old car to drive you there, or even a friend with a cake business on the side, if you know someone with a certain skill set, work it.
  • With the above tip in mind, make sure you know what you are and are not willing to compromise on and make that work into your budget.
  • Make it your and your partnersday. Your mother wants you to do something one way or your partner’s auntie thinks you should do something the other way? Ignore them and remember it’s a day full of meaning, fun, friends, family and romance for you and your partner.

Thank you so much for sharing