I need a Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast please HELP!

Now it’s time to choose your Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast there is a few things to consider.

Quite possible when you think about your ceremony you are probably super looking forward to it and kinda dreading it too for a few reason:

Everyone will be staring at me when I walk down the aisle – yikes!

I am super nervous about saying my vows, what if I mess them up??

We will be standing there for ages with everyone watching, I am so scared!

It’s the legal bit – the official bit – the wow we are actually married now!!

What if its super boring and goes on and on??

How can we make it great?

Firstly: Don’t stress all of these feelings are completely normal!!! Don’t think you are not feeling what your meant to,  you are!

Secondly: Your marriage celebrant up there with you will play a huge part in ensuring those feelings and nerves are turned into excitement and joy. So think long and hard about who you want up there with you!


Some tips and tricks on how to figure it out!

What style of wedding ceremony do you want?

A civil marriage ceremony has ample scope for creativity.  Apart from the legal parts, all the rest – content, location, décor, music, participation is totally a personal choice.

The style and mood of your wedding ceremony can showcase

  • who you and your partner are as a couple
  • how you both feel about marriage and what is means to you

What is important to both of you? Is there anything you want to acknowledge at your ceremony? Everyone has different ideas and desires, think about if you want it to showcase

  • Your love and  relationship
  • Family, children and friends
  • Culture, traditions, beliefs
  • Passions and interests

What kind of “vibe” do you want your wedding ceremony to have?

  • Relaxed or formal
  • Traditional or modern
  • Surprising or predictable
  • Funny and entertaining

How you answers these questions will greatly influence your choice of Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast.

For example, if you want a traditional wedding ceremony that conveys a formal mood only, look for a Marriage Celebrant that suits that style.

If you want an alternative wedding, or a themed wedding – Country and Western, Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disco, the 50s – look for a Wedding Celebrant with great ideas for fun and creativity, someone who is open and engaging.

If you want something in the middle look for a more modern celebrant who will tailor your ceremony to what you want, whether it’s a bit of tradition mixed with funny parts or a quick and simple ceremony to the point you can have it the way you want. This is a celebrant who listens to what you want and makes that happen not what they want or think (kinda like me!!)


Making Your Decision

Choosing a Marriage Celebrant is an incredibly personal choice.   There are thousands of Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast  to choose from, all with varying skills and personalities to suit your needs.

Whoever you choose and for whatever reason, it will be much easier to choose a Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast if you take into consideration what matters to you on your Wedding Day.

When you think about your marriage ceremony do you think it is:

  • A thing done purely to comply with convention, regulations or customs?
  • A legal necessity to get over as quick as possible before the party starts?
  • A significant life event of great importance?
  • A rite of passage when you exchange vows and life changes forever?

Your feelings about this greatly influences the style of Wedding Celebrant to use for the purpose.

If you want bliss not boredom at your wedding ceremony, choose a Wedding Celebrant that:

  • Is motivated by a genuine passion for the art of ceremony creation and presentation
  • Matches your personality and style.
  • Demonstrates your best interests to ensure you and your guests feel happy and valued

As a Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast I pride myself on being flexible, easy to get along with and passionate about making your ceremony completely you!

Check out my wedding packages to find a solution that suits you and your day!  http://nextchapterceremonies.com.au/packages/


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