Business Name: Adiamus String Quartet

What are your name/s and what do you do? How many years have you been in business?

We are Matisse (Violin 1), Rhys (Violin 2), Teegan (Violin 3 and Viola) and Maja (Cello) and we have been going strong since meeting in early 2014 playing different parts with different instruments to create a full ensemble sound to make four sound like more! Between us, we play two violins, one viola and one cello, and sometimes when we’re feeling really fancy, we may even throw in a ukulele to create a fresh twist and modern vibe!


Tell us about why you decided to do what you do?

Adiamus came from Teegan’s childhood dream to perform in a string quartet for weddings and other events to add class with a down-to-earth and accessible feel, and so she made Adiamus appear from scratch after meeting wonderfully like-minded Matisse, Rhys and Maja, knowing these three musicians had the musical and personable goods to bring a permanent-member string quartet to fruition on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.


What do you love most about your business?

We love the fact that the four of us are an established, permanent-member group who have grown together, dedicating hours upon hours together to develop upon each other’s musical and performance styles and rehearse each of the pieces in our repertoire to the best they can be for a couple’s most special day. We love that we can perform live strings music of Classical and modern genres for you and with you to collaborate on your special day together!


What do you want people to remember about the service you provide?

We make a point of being normal people – we just happen to play lovely music too! Some people see Classical musicians as being inaccessible or ‘too high-end’, which is completely the opposite of the truth. We want the music we play to be special and of meaning to you. We love when people jump on board and take the option to build their ceremony and/or reception their way, choosing the music they like from our repertoire for certain sections of their day. We also love when people tell us how easy it is to book us. We understand that it can sometimes seem daunting to think about booking a string quartet especially if you don’t know the ins and outs of a violin! – but it really is extremely simple and people love how easy it actually is to create their day through our music!


Tell us about yourselves. What are your hobbies? What is one fun fact about you?

We love each other because we each bring something different to the Adiamus table! Matisse is a mad plant lady – one of her apartment walls is mostly plants, and she dreams to one day have a house which has more plants than furniture. Rhys is a keen Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fan. Yes, Classical musicians can be cool too! He also has bent pinky fingers which runs in his genetics, same as Teegan (although they’re not related… we promise!). Teegan has a secret obsession with old-school fashion and is building her wardrobe slowly but surely. If you see a lady in a floral dress, wearing her trademark lip rouge and carrying a violin or viola, you’ll know it’s Teegan! She also loves teaching strings to school students and see them achieve great results in their exams. Our lovely cellist, Maja, loves to go out on the water sailing, has travelled extensively throughout Europe and is the coolest vegetarian we know!


If you could pick one word that describes you/your business, what would it be?

One word; down-to-earth… that surely counts as one word, right?!


Share your favourite photo of you or your work? Describe why this is your favourite?

We love this photo of our instruments! Even though it is a simple photo, we are reminded how lucky we are to be playing such high quality, beautiful, handmade works of art. The oldest instrument in the photo was made in 1810, yes, over 200 years old from Marseilles in France! It has survived two world wars, multiple trips across Europe in shonky cases and all the way to Australia to play for your wedding in our hands, in complete shape with not one scratch or dint – simply incredible! We love that these four instruments come together so easily to create such beautiful music that admittedly sometimes even makes US get goosebumps!


What would be your top tip for new Brides and Grooms planning their big day?

Our big tip would be to seriously consider live music by local artists. There is nothing quite like someone playing solely for your special day, and the way they play on the day isn’t on a recording that can be repeated over and over again; it is purely unique and in the moment. By doing this, you are also supporting someone’s dream to perform with purpose and keep live music alive in Australia – a very important factor to our culture. We also recommend to book early! – Adiamus is already taking bookings for 2017 Sunshine Coast Weddings!