Who is Laura Batchelor?


Things I Like

Love to travel and was lucky enough to work on a cruise ship and see a lot of this brilliant planet of ours!

Diet Coke – its my weakness

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Fun Fact not many people know!

I used to be a singer in a girl band called Vino touring Spain!

Bubbly – Compassionate – Joyful


I am so lucky to live in such an amazing place and get to marry people week after week, a far cry from the chilly English lifestyle I grew up in! After moving the Sunny Coast 6 years ago, I knew this was where I had to stay! So I found me a strapping young man, got me a visa and now live happily ever after with my boys, our cat Boots and dog Louie and new baby Felix!

Weddings have always been a passion of mine and I totally understand the work that goes into them, coming from an events and wedding planning background.  So when I moved to Australia I noticed something was missing, we were missing young celebrants with a modern approach, someone who can relate and understand today’s couple and sum them up in their ceremony. After all I am one myself, now I finally got the ring – 6 years of waiting paid off!!!

Mr and I

Mr and I

Louie and Boots

Louie and Boots

Years in Business


Why are you a Celebrant?


I love weddings – It really is as simple as that! All the excitement, planning and anticipation for this amazing day when you become a Mr and Mrs and I get the amazing privilege to say, ‘You are now husband and wife, please kiss your bride’ – How AWESOME is that!

I am also a little OCD about organisation and communication so I ensure you know what’s happening when, what you have to do, what you have to say then you can just relax knowing this control freak has it under control!!

The feeling I get when I meet a couple and hear their story is super exciting, it never get’s old. Everyone’s story is so different, making my job super rewarding and I just cant wait to sum it all up in your tailored ceremony.


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